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Short description of activities where the chapter is involved; for more information, visit the Calendar of Events page.

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  • Education outreach

      Laser on stage

      The Optics Adventure    

       Optics blog

  • Networking

     IONS conferences

     Bilateral meetings

     Participation in OSA/EPS events

  • Professional development

    Introduction to research in Optics

    Contact to the industry

    Internal seminars

    Invited talks

  • Social events

    Social events




Laser on stage: "El láser, la luz de nuestro tiempo"



2010 was the 50th Laser Anniversary. To celebrate this anniversary we proposed a project to write an outreach book that  was a awarded a Laserfest grant.


The book is  freely available by request for anyone who wants a copy. Moreover, it is freely distributed to schools, high-schools and libraries. With this initiative we try to provide a timeless element that could be useful not only during the present year, but also in the future.

The purpose of the book is not giving exhaustive and technical lessons about lasers, but being of general interest , amusing and comprehensive for students and general public. The title is "El láser, la luz de nuestro tiempo" and it is written in Spanish language.


The Optics Adventure



The Optics Adventure is our outreach educational programme.


We offer seminars-colloquium for last year high-school students (2º Bachillerato), where the presentation is combined with some demonstrations. It is presented as an outreach educational activity with three main goals: 1) review the basic physical concepts learnt during the year; 2) introduce the concept of laser and its applications; 3) promote research in Optics and let them know about promising scientific installations of the region (CLPU).

 If you would like to host a seminar in your school, you may contact us directly at or through the Coordinador de Física para Bachillerato, Luis López (


On the other hand, we offer visits to the labs for secondary school students (4º ESO).

 Topics of the experiments include:

  • High-intensity lasers.
  • Refraction and reflection: the optical fibers.
  • Holography and image formation: are you sure what you are looking at  is real?
  • Polarization; 3D movies and liquid crystals.

Next visits are announced here.





IMPORTANT: visits to the labs for high-school students are organised through the program "Cultura Científica" by the city council and the "Fundación Salamanca Ciudad de Saberes"; if you are interested in visiting the labs, we recommend you to contact them first. It is also possible to arrange a visit out of the program "Cultura Científica" by contacting us directly by sending an email to



 Optics Blog

"The Optics Blog" provides information about hot topics in optics for general public.

Moreover, you will learn curiosities such as optical illusions and home-made experiments.

Logo blog



Introduction to research in Optics

One of our goals is to facilitate the student the latest news about grants, conferences, courses and contests.

You can find information to start a scientific career in Optics in our Career Opportunities section or by attending to our seminar "Introduction to research in Optics".

Some presentations are also available to download at Resources and downloads

Contact to the industry

Considering the possibility to visit companies and industrial projects is always an interesting issue to learn new things and optical applications beyond the University. An example is the visit to UsalSol, a solar energy plant.

usalsolpicture           solarcar


Participation in OSA/EPS events

OSA promotes activities for students, such as the OSA Student Member Breakfast  and the Leadership Annual Meeting (if you are interested, the poster presented  at the 2009 meeting can be downloaded here). In 2009 we learnt new strategies to manage the group, as well as participating in the OSA Solar Mini Car Competion!

In 2010, we were awarded the "Excellence Student Chapter Award" presented at Frontiers in Optics.

On the other hand, EPS also promotes this kind of activities through the Young Minds project. In 2011, the first Leadership Meeting will take place in Geneve (Switzerland).


Invited talks

In collaboration with the Master and PhD programme "Física y tecnología de los láseres", prominent scientists give regulary talks about hot topics in optics. Students are specially encouraged to attend to these seminars! 

Seminars are announced in the Calendar of Events.

OSAL MembersInternal seminars

In the internal seminars, students from the group give a talk about their current research. 

The internal seminars are announced here.

Social events

 To promote interaction between members and welcome new students, social events such as dinners are held within the chapter. They are usually held at Christmas and summer, when the scholar year comes to its end. There are also some parties, like the "Laser Birthday Party" to celebrate the 50th Laser Anniversary.

Keep informed by checking the calendar of events or subscribe to our mailing list.






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