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Research at Usal and CLPU

Description of the main research lines held at University of Salamanca and CLPU


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The Optics Group at the University of Salamanca is located at the Faculty of Science; our expertise field is ultraintense lasers. Since 2003, we have a 0,5TW ultrashort pulsed laser and more recently, in 2007, a 20 TW CPA system was installed.

Facultad                CLPU

The Centro de Láseres Pulsados Ultracortos Ultraintensos (CLPU) is a national facility specializing in femtosecond laser pulses with peak powers at gigawatt, terawatt and petawatt levels.  It has been created by a consortium formed by the Minsitry of Science, the regional government and the university of Salamanca, as a part of the roadmap of the spanish scientific infrastructures. You can download this digest for more information.



  •  University of Salamanca

- SpectraPhysics 1kHz: it delivers 120fs pulses at 1mJ with 1kHz repetition rate. Nowadays, this beamline is splitted into two outputs which are used for micromachining and OPA, which allows us to have a tunable source.

- SpectraPhysics 10 Hz: it provides pulses with a peak power up to 0.5 TW at 10Hz of repetition rate; it is mainly used for postcompression techniques (filamentation, hollow fiber).

- Amplitude: delivers 30fs pulses with a power up to 20 TW. This system is used for high-harmonic generation (HHG), as well as particle acceleration.

Laser        laser2

Figure 1: a) Setup of the 0.5TW laser system based on CPA technology and b) photography of the complete system

These   ultraintense (with a peak power in the order of terawatts)  ultrashort pulsed (in the order of femtoseconds) lasers are based on the CPA technology (see figure 1a); the medium is Ti:Sapphire and they are pumped by Nd:YAG, Nd:Vanadato and Nd:YLF lasers. The number of amplification stages depends on the laser.

You can find detailed information under the web page of the laser facility at the University of Salamanca.


  • CLPU

The foremost beam line at CLPU will be a pulsed source with a peak power of 1 PW.In addition to the Petawatt, other main beams with less peak power, but similar pulse duration will be also available.

Main beam lines:

-- 1 Petawatt

— 1 Terawatt

— 20 Terawatt

— 100 Terawatt

Auxiliary beam lines:

— High repetition rate multi-Gigawatt femtosecond


— CEP-stabilized femtosecond source

Expected sources obtained from the main beam lines:

— Soft X ray pulsed laser source.

— Attosecond pulse source.

— Few-femtosecond multi-miliJoule source.

— IR-Vis-UV tunable femtosecond source.

— Relativistic electron beam source.

Research fields

 Currently, there are several research projects; more information about them is avaiable at the web page of Salamanca Optics Group. A file with the publications during the last five years can be also downloaded.

  • Micromachining and laser processing

  • OPCPA and non-linear processes (SHG, OPA...)

  • Post-compression

  • High-harmonic generation (HHG)

  • Design of new devices for laser development

  • High-field physics: particle acceleration

  • Wavefront control and correction

  • Beam characterization

  • Theory and simulations

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