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  • Scientific career in Optics: grants: Overview of the main grants to start a scientific career in the field of Optics.
  • Flyer of the CLPU: flyer with the main information of the new laser facitility in Salamanca.
  • Publications: list of the publications of the last five years from the Grupo de Láseres Ultraintensos at the University of Salamanca.
  • OSAL Poster: poster presented during the Leadership Meeting 2009 at Frontiers in Optics, San Jose, CA (USA).
  • OSAL flyer: flyer with the main information about the student chapter.
  • Seminar video "STARFISH": presentation of Benjamin Alonso's master thesis.
  • Home-made experiments: easy experiments to be performed at home. For example: how to measure the speed of light in the microwave oven. To view this content you need to log in via this form.
  • The light kit: is an educational optics kit for secondary teachers.

    The kit is based in the demonstrations that complement the seminar and it contains two polarizers, a pair of diffracting glasses, a pair of diffracting glasses, a pair of 3D coulored glasses and a OSAL flyer.

    It is given as a gift in those schools hosting a seminar by the OSAL. The kit has been thought to provide a tool for teachers, so that they can use it with their students once the activity with us has finished. It will help to spread optics in the local community beyond the OSAL activities. If you would like to host a seminar in your school (see activities section for more information) or request a free sample of "The light kit", contact us as



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